Puppetry Around The World

Appropriate For Ages 3-10
Show Length: 45 Minutes
Block Booking Discounts Offered: Yes

Puppetry Around The World is a one-of-a-kind show that will bring the magic of puppetry to life at your library for your young readers. It's not just a puppet show - it's a amazing cultural adventure.

Presented by a master puppeteer who was invited to study puppeteering with the Jim Henson Company, Puppetry Around The World introduces children to how cultures around the world created and performed with puppets. The audience will view lots of hilarious puppet skits that are presented in a custom-made, modern puppet theater. They will also get a chance to interact and participate at they learn about rod puppets, hand puppets, paper puppets and marionettes from India, Africa, Indonesia, and Japan.

The performance is fast-paced and entertaining for kids of all ages (even those that may think they are “too old” for a “puppet show”).

Puppetry Around The World makes a unique addition to summer reading program activities, and is also a great way to draw a crowd to the library during the cold winter months. We even provide you with a promotional poster to help generate excitement for the show.

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Helpful Facts About The Show

• The performer brings his own portable puppet theater for the performance. This theater is specifically made to accommodate small library spaces, but does require a minimum performance space of 10ft wide x 12ft deep for everyone to property enjoy the show.

• The show is very hands-on and allows for many opportunities for kids from the audience to try out the unique puppets and be a part of creating fun puppet routines on stage.

Promotional Poster

Help promote this program at your library with a poster that you can print right from your computer. Just click the image below to open a PDF file and print on standard 8.5x11 paper. You can also save the file to your computer by right-clicking / "save as" on your mouse (ctrl + click on mac).

.puppetry around the world poster



“The show was very well received by families. The feedback I have seen has been some of the most positive of all the programs to date.”
Kate F, Ohio Library Council
“Humorous, with plenty of interesting and educational lessons.”
Maria A., Reporter, Warren Weekly Newspaper, Warren, Michigan

We are happy to provide additional reviews and letters of recommendation upon request.